Be aware of your surrondings.

Have you ever felt as if the "people" you encounter in your daily life fit in with the established post-modern order with much more ease than you? The reason behind this is that they are, in actuality, not individuals. They are but one part inside a global consciousness. Their every move, every thought, every action is monitored and approved by everyone else. All of this new information in the beginning of your realisation might seem daunting and unbelieveable. But just like every fact of life we were once so afraid to comprehend, us actual individuals have to come to terms with this reality, so we can fight back against this inhuman mass of non-organic brain matter. Our headquarters are next to the German embassy in Tirana, Albania.

Glorious Albanian Hero Gjergj Ferhati (Fighting against the noosphere!)

Prepare for everything you couldn't have concieved of before.

Below here you can read about an anecdote provided by an anonymous member of our organisation.

The Opener